Stick On Letters


Our vinyl lettering prices are for standard Serif fonts and Sanserif font. Vinyl lettering. Order and have it delivered by post throughout the UK. Vinyl lettering is suitable for sticking to any smooth flat surface. it is ideal for sticking onto shop windows for shop window advertising, sticking onto shop fascias to indicate the name of a business. It is an effective way to advertise on a commercial vehicle with vehicle graphics.

Vinyl lettering will stick to Perspex, glass, metal, painted wood, varnished wood, fibre glass, painted metal and any flat smooth non porous surface.

Our prices are per letter.  We have a minimum purchase order value of £20 per order plus the cost of delivery. So a minimum purchase order value including delivery comes to £26.

Vinyl Lettering Price List. Carriage charged at £6 per delivery.

25mm high at 0.50 pence each,
30mm high 0.55 pence each,
35mm high 0.60 pence each,
40mm high 0.65 pence each,
50mm high 0.62 pence each,

60mm high 0.70 pence each,
70mm high 0.80 pence each,
80mm high 0.85 pence each,
90mm high 0.88 pence each,
100mm high 0.92 pence each,
125mm high £1.10 each,
150mm high £1.30 each,
175mm high £1.80 each,
200mm high £2.20 each,
225mm high £2.50 each,
250mm high £2.75 each,
275mm high  £3.10 each,
300mm high £3.40 each,
400mm high £4.60 each,
500mm high £6.20 each.
550mm high £7.50 each.

To place an order for vinyl lettering, work out what you want.

  • we need to know what font you wish to use, any font from your Laptop computer,
  • what colour you want limited to black, white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, burgundy, gold, silver.
  • We need to know what size you want measured from the capital height of the text.
  • We also need to know what wording you want.
  • We need to know your delivery address.
  • Work out how much you think your order costs including the £10 delivery charge.
  • Our prices are not for script fonts. They are for Sanserif and Serif fonts only. Script font are another issue, we are happy to make script text for you, but we would need to give you a quote based on material used instead of cost of letters. price guide £35 per metre run of material off a 550mm high roll. Script fonts require joining and a bit of editing to work properly.Send us your information by email, with the price you think it costs. Then go to and send payment to account, you don’t need a PayPal account as PayPal take credit card payments, or give us a phone call and we will take payment over the phone during work hours Monday to Friday. We have an account with PayPal so any payments made to our email address come to us.

We will match the payment with the email order, process the order and send it promptly via Parcel Force or Royal Mail.

Mr Carl Armes Stick On Letters. 2 Wilton Close, Christchurch. BH23 2PL.

Overseas orders welcome, we will charge you the same carriage as for the UK delivery and hope the order you give us is big enough to make it worth the cost of delivery.