400mm High Stick On Letters – Kunster Script Font – Up To 10 Letters


400mm high stick on letters.

Box of 10 letters or less, up to 10 letters and no more.

white self adhesive vinyl letters.

Kunstler Script font.

Script letters will be connected.


400mm high stick on letters supplied in a script font.

White gloss stick on letters.

Pre-spaced vinyl lettering.

Kunster Script font.

Measured from the height of the capital letter H.

Box of 10 letters in upper and lower case. Up to 10 letters, 10 letters or less. Less than 11 and usually more than 1.

Buy the product then email us what wording you want . We will then make it and send it in the post. The script letters will be connected. if you order the letters all capitals please be aware it won’t read very well.